Support Unit

9535 - Support Unit

A 2002 four wheel drive F-350 five passenger pick-up. The truck is primarily used for fire fighter transport. There is also a slide in pump unit with a 120 gallon tank and 100 gpm pump used for grass/brush fires. It can also be used be used to transport needed equipment to and from an incident scene. 

SFPD Light Tower

Light Tower - A 6500 KW portable generator on a two wheel trailer with a thirty foot light tower with four one thousand watt lights used to light up emergenciy scenes and training evolutions. It can also be used to provide power for electrical power tools when electricity is not avaliable.

Special Response Trailer

Special Response Trailer - Fully enclosed box trailer used to transport equipment and supplies used in Hazardous Materials response at the Operations Level. Most equipment is for decontamination of victims and firefighters plus equipment for damning and dyking operations.