The Chiefs of the Salem Fire Protection District have instilled a deep tradition of providing emergency services for the residents of the fire district. Each chief passing along the skills learned one to the other, making the daily operation manageable in the ever changing world of Public Safety.

Salem Fire Department Fire Chiefs

George B Simcox 1892-1900
H.E.(Stoney) Vogt Sr. 1900-1935
Orville (Baldy) Hanes 1935-1937
Herschel Y Storment 1937-1943
Clarence Lesher 1943-1947
Jake Holmes 1943-1947
Harper Paul Sweney Jr. 1947-1955

Salem Fire Protection District Fire Chiefs

Harper Paul Sweney Jr. 1955-1977
Thayer S (Ted) Damon 1977-1981
James Raver 1981-1996
James T Somer 1996-2003
Roger A Mann 2003 to 2018

David A Duncan 2018-present