Heavy Rescue - Heavy rescue vehicles are designed to carry numerious pieces of equipment that can be used in many facets of the fire service.

9528 - Heavy Rescue

The SFPD Medium Rescue is designed to be used as a command vehicle, having additional communications equipment, Command boards and pre-plan information information avaliable to the incident commander in a climate controled enviroment.

The Medium Rescue has an onboard PTO generator allowing scene lights on the the truck to light  the scene and additioanl portable lighting as needed. Electric power is also avaliable to operate ventlation fans and other small tools that require electricty.

THe Medium Rescue carries a fully functional casacade system(breathing air carried on the vehicle), allowing firefighters to refill Self Contained Breathing Apparatus used at the fire scene.

The Medium Rescue also carries the "Jaws of Life" vehicle extrication equipment composed of a power unit, spreaders, cutters and rams. Also carried are air bags, chains, monitoring equipment, Emergency Medical supplies and numerous small hand tools used in emergency response.

The Medium Rescue is not an ambulance and is not used to transport patients.